Why We Stand Out

Our Purpose

Reward Calm Dog Services is dedicated to cultivating a relationship of understanding and harmony between you and your canine. Our mission is to redefine how you look at your dog’s behavior, shifting your perspective to view through their paradigm. We believe obedience from your four-legged companion should not be obtained through methods of force or threat, but instead centered around dog psychology.

About Carly

Carly Trimble’s strongest talent is using dog psychology to help owners understand why their dog is displaying an undesirable behavior. Her holistic approach allows her to create an individualized education and solution for each client. She is fueled by the transformation a dog can ignite in its’ person or pack.

Carly is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, recognized as one of the most intense programs available to professional dog trainers. This rigorous program covers practical skills, scientifically proven techniques, and theoretical knowledge. She has been training and competing with dogs and horses for over 20 years. Carly also holds a Bachelors in Equine Science degree and has 13 years in the professional equine industry under her belt. Not only does she love helping owners understand and read their dog’s behavior, but Carly also has a passion for the IGP ring sport and helper work.

About Bobby

Bobby Tassone’s conception of a dog’s physical and mental needs supports his pursuit of rehabbing dogs and revealing their language to their owners. His innate understanding of operating with a calm and centered mindset provides clients with a tangible example of the energy needed to provide a dog balanced leadership. Bobby has had the privilege of learning and working alongside some of the top dog psychologists in the nation. His love and joy are found in his Shepherd Mix, Regina, and his French Bulldog, Apollo.