Are you on the hunt for exceptional dog training in Mission Viejo? Look no further, because Reward Calm Dog Services, the most experienced dog trainer in Orange County, is here to cater to all your canine training needs. Led by the seasoned expertise of Carly Trimble and her husband, Bobby, we represent the pinnacle of dog training excellence within your community.

Discover Our Philosophy: The Essence of Dog Psychology

Our ethos at Reward Calm Dog Services is steeped in the profound principles of Dog Psychology. Our mission? To dispel the myths, alleviate the stress, and remove the forceful techniques often associated with traditional dog training. We pride ourselves on establishing a transparent and effective communication channel between you and your furry companion, paving the way for a bond that’s as joyful as it is robust.

Bespoke Services Tailored for You and Your Dog:

Recognizing the distinctiveness of every dog and owner, we offer an array of specialized programs:

  • Right Start Puppy Program: Initiate your puppy’s journey on the right paw. Our program is designed to ensure a seamless introduction to their new family and environment.
  • Home-Based Board and Train Programs: We go the extra mile beyond what you’d expect from standard boarding services, providing a customized training regimen that respects the individuality of your dog.
  • Private Coaching: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive coaching experience that teaches you how to communicate effectively with your dog, complete with incentives for our board and train services.
  • Client Home Immersion Sessions: Time and distance are no barriers to our dedication. Our trainers integrate into your daily routine to observe and improve the dynamics between you and your dog.
  • Virtual Training: Facing a challenge? Shoot us a video, and we’ll deliver tailored guidance straight to your screen.

Meet the Heart and Soul Behind Reward Calm Dog Services:

  • Carly Trimble: A maestro in the realm of dog psychology, Carly’s approach is customized, considerate, and cutting-edge. A certified professional from the esteemed Karen Pryor Academy, her 20-year legacy in animal training is what sets us apart in Mission Viejo.
  • Bobby Tassone: The yin to Carly’s yang, Bobby’s serene and grounded methodology is the cornerstone of our training philosophy. His insight, drawn from collaborations with top dog psychologists, has transformed countless canine lives.

Your Journey Towards a Deeper Connection Begins Here

At Reward Calm Dog Services, we’re not just about training dogs; we’re about enriching the lives of dogs and their owners alike. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a dog trainer; you’re gaining a partner in building a profoundly satisfying and understanding relationship with your pet.

Are you ready to step into a world where your dog’s potential can be fully realized? Connect with us in Mission Viejo and let the transformation begin.