Looking for a dog trainer in Orange County?

Co-founded by Carly Trimble and her husband, Bobby, our combined expertise and passion have positioned us as a leading choice for many dog owners seeking guidance.

Our introduction to you starts with a simple greeting, “Hi! We’re Carly and Bobby, and this is our dog, Lena.” But behind this warm welcome lies a dedication to understanding and nurturing the relationship between dogs and their owners.

Our Philosophy: Understanding Dog Psychology

At Reward Calm Dog Services, we believe in the power of Dog Psychology. Our aim is to eliminate misconceptions, stress, force, and confusion that often come with other dog training techniques. By fostering a clear communication system between the dog and the owner, we strive to shape stronger, joy-filled relationships for both two-legged and four-legged partners.

Our Tailored Services:

Every dog and owner has unique needs. Recognizing this, we offer a diverse range of programs:

  • Right Start Puppy Program: We believe in starting right. Our program ensures your puppy gets the best introduction to their new home.
  • Home-Based Board and Train Programs: This goes beyond traditional boarding. We offer a personalized training plan tailored to each dog’s unique characteristics and needs.
  • Private Coaching: We provide an in-depth understanding of communicating with your dog and offer discounts on future board and train sessions.
  • Client Home Immersion Sessions: We understand time and distance constraints. In this program, our trainers shadow your daily interactions with your dog.
  • Virtual Training: Send us a video of your challenges, and we’ll provide guidance online.

Carly giving a high five to an owner

Meet Us, The People Behind Reward Calm Dog Services

Carly Trimble: With a passion for understanding dog psychology, Carly’s holistic approach to training is rooted in creating individualized solutions. Certified by the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy and with over two decades of experience in training and competing with animals, Carly’s expertise is unparalleled in Orange County.

Bobby Tassone: Bobby’s calm and centered approach complements Carly’s techniques. His understanding of a dog’s physical and mental needs has been instrumental in rehabilitating numerous dogs. He brings insights gained from working with top dog psychologists in the nation.

Here at Reward Calm Dog Services, we believe that every dog and owner deserves a fulfilling and understanding relationship.

Entrust us with your canine companion, and together, we’ll embark on a journey towards a harmonious partnership.