We all want our pups to make “friends” and find fulfillment interacting with other dogs, however, dog sociability is a spectrum. All dog, like humans, have their own individual preferences. Remember high school, some kids were book worms and others were at ever party and social event available. Both are okay, and that goes for your four-legged pals also.

All too often I see dog owners trying to force a dog to be social when their body language is screaming “PLEASE NO!” This can lead to anxiety in your dog and or dog aggression.  On the spectrum, a small number of dogs are “dog aggressive”, but the majority are dog selective. “Dog selective” dogs have a few close friends because they understand how he or she likes to interact. As dogs get older they become more selective, even the dogs previously categorized as “dog social”. Dog social dogs get along with all dogs, but still need to be advocated for. Owners need to keep in mind not all dogs are also dog social. Social dog owners sometimes forget not all dogs have their dog’s interest in interaction and it is important to give plenty of room to other dogs when present.

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